Why the ULTRAponics GroTube is the improved Flood-and-Drip/Ebb-and-Flo  (with and without optional Dripper System) type hydroponic system:

1. Because it is a sealed system, it doesn't necessarily need a rooting  medium, such as Grodan Rockwool, baked clay pellets, shredded coconut  fiber, etc. Although, using a preferred natural medium, such as baked  clay pellets like "Aliflor" or coconut fiber, has an increased yield of  approx. 10%. The first problem I wanted to design out of my new system  was the need to use rooting medium, Rockwool, in particular. Rockwool is a spun volcanic rock fiber, very similar to asbestos, but with `Rosa  Marina‚Ä™ shaped fiber. Asbestos has a fish hook shaped fiber with a barb. Either will cause similar health issues. A warning on the Grodan  website actually read that Rockwool was both a bio- and environmental  hazard. That warning is no longer mentioned. After the harvest, the  typical 4" x 4" x 40" root-filled Rockwool rooting medium "slab" is a  disgusting smelling, heavy, dripping asbestos insulation-like mess. The  ULTRAponics GroTube, preferably, uses baked clay (or plastic) pellets,  like "Aliflor", etc., as its rooting-medium. The post-harvest clean up  is much easier with the GroTube. All you need to do is remove the "FILL" side blue end cap over a 5 gallon bucket, lift the "DRAIN" side of the  GroTube and let the debris just pour into the bucket. The wet roots and  clay pellets can be easily and environmentally friendly disposed of.

2. Also, because it is a sealed system, the system neither gives off  humidity nor collects rainwater. These are important because, indoors,  giving off a lot of humidity from the system causes the indoor grow room to become very humid which causes mold and mildew problems on the  plants but, also, increases the heat index in the room from the,  normally, multiple high-intensity 1000w grow lights. These lights are  very hot and in a, typically, small area. The use of quite a bit of  air-conditioning is needed. If, for some reason, the air-conditioning  stopped working, the increased humidity and temperature will quickly  kill or, at least, damage the growing plants. 100 F and 100% humidity  has a Heat Index of 195 F . On the other hand, outdoors, collection of  rainwater is a problem because when it is collected the rainwater backs  down into the system's nutrient reservoir. This is a problem because it  not only over-flows the reservoir's nutrient solution onto the floor or  onto the ground, but also dilutes the nutrient mix in the reservoir  weakening it and requiring attention and adjustment. Nutrients are not  cheap; wasting nutrient is not cost or environmentally conscious. Also,  the introduction of additional water into the reservoir changes the pH  of the nutrient mix, requiring attention and adjustment by the grower.  The idea behind hydroponics is control of the variables or traditional  farming, such as optimum pH, nutrient strength, timing and duration of  "watering" (i.e. flood stage and/or drip, constant or scheduled),  intensity and duration of the lighting to grow or to "trick" the plants  into "thinking" daylight is getting shorter, etc. Control and optimum  growing conditions.

3. Many available hydroponic systems are prone to clogging in the filling  and/or draining functions by stray medium, plant roots or other debris.  The ULTRAponics GroTube has had those problems designed out since the  beginning. It uses 4" PVC pipe to irrigate/house the roots and 1" tubing to connect GroTubes to each other in a system, neither of which have  clogged, ever. It is the design of the "FILL" and "DRAIN" plugs, which  is of more significance. Both, the "FILL" and "DRAIN" plugs, were  designed with a built-in "screen" with holes large enough to keep large  particles from clogging and allow smaller particles to easily flow  through without clogging, while allowing unrestricted flow through the  system. All without clogging or overflowing the system.

4. Typical hydroponic products are fairly flimsy; break easily in some of  the worst places and becoming unusable plastic garbage, etc. The  ULTRAponics GroTube is almost indestructible. On large hydroponic supply retailer and wholesaler commented the GroTube was "sturdy, almost  indestructible and he could make money on each one, selling them to  other dealers".

5. The GroTube System is modular. A grower can connect as many GroTubes  together as is needed for the space required. ULTRAponics manufactures a STANDARD 44" long GroTube with 3-, 4-, 5- and 6- Plant Site spacing,  but can custom make individual GroTubes or entire Systems any shape,  length or spacing required using 4" PVC tubing. Systems can be custom  painted, as well. Other materials (copper pipe, for instance) can be  used on a custom order only basis.

6. Plus, ULTRAponics owns two US patents: U.S. Patent #8,065,833, the “Patent for Invention of Hydroponic Growing System”, ie. The ULTRAponics GroTube and U.S. Patent #8,291,641, the Patent for “The Method for Hydroponically Growing Plants that are Root-nurtured”Ě. This patent is for the Flood and Drip / Ebb and Flow method of hydroponics which 99% of all hydroponic equipment is based on.

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