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Ordering Information:

To order ULTRAponics Standard 44 inches€¯ long GroTubes:

1. Decide how large plants you want to grow. The larger the plants, the less Plant Sites per GroTube you’ll need. The most popular for smaller  plants, like spinach, lettuces, etc. would be the Five or Six Plant Site models. The most popular for larger plants like tomatoes, etc. are the Three and Four Plant Site Units.

2. Then, decide how many rows of GroTubes you need. GroTubes can be interconnected in a variety of ways and can be spaced apart as far or as close as needed. Keep in mind that when flooding, each GroTube requires two gallons of nutrient fluid. Your reservoir must have twice as much  capacity as the number of GroTubes in your system x2 gallons for each GroTube x2.  So, if you have four GroTubes in your system that hold two gallons each, doubled, you’d need 4x2x2=16 ......... a 16 gallon minimum reservoir.

3. GroTubes can be mixed and matched in a multi-GroTube system. Decide which model and how many of each.

Custom Order GroTube Systems can be designed and fabricated to any size, shape of system, number and spacing of Plant Sites, etc. Call or e-mail for a quote.


Three Plant Site GroTube $100 each

Four Plant Site GroTube $110 each

Five Plant Site GroTube $120 each

Six Plant Site GroTube $130 each

GroStands are sold separately.

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